WinPower 5.9

Provides complete power protection for your PC when encountering power failure
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WinPower is a Java-based solution that provides users the tools to control the Uninterruptible Power Supply, thus helping them to save their work in progress in case of a power supply failure.
The installation process is quite simple and takes under two minutes, depending on your system configuration. The GUI can't be considered innovative, mostly because of its grey color theme and outdated icons. Also, the main menu tabs are separated only by a blank space, which makes the menu look like a document written in Notepad.

Despite not winning the prize for the best-looking interface, the program comes packed with some interesting and useful features that allow users to control their UPS. At first, it may be difficult to understand the program's functionalities fully or how to set them up properly, so you better check the program's manual.

The user is capable of scheduling a system shutdown or restart, as well as setting a password for security protection. The program also sends users warning messages either by e-mail or SMS, while offering remote control via LAN.

In addition to that, it can record logs for further analysis, and it can monitor up to 1000 units, not to mention that it provides advanced UPS parameters settings and is available in multiple languages.

In conclusion, WinPower is decent software, that uses a low amount of system resources and that provides users the right tools for managing computer power protection.

John Saunders
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  • Has a user manual
  • Provides password security protection
  • Monitors up to 1000 units
  • Records logs for in-depth analysis


  • Has outdated menu icons
  • Poorly separated menu tabs
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